The death of a small animal. From a farm.

There comes a time in every young person's life, to make a mistake. Or, in my case, a few. 

There was that time my mom's car got hit by another car in a parking lot. While I was driving. That other time I dated a guy who wore the same leather pants every day for 3 weeks. Oh, and that time I got a tattoo that meant small barnyard animal in Chinese. 

There is a story that goes along with that. But I've told it about eleventy hundred and 12 times. If you'd like to be reminded of how it came to be that I got small barnyard animal tattooed on my back, please read this here post

Instead of a wordy and smart-sounding post about my foolish youth, I'm going to make this short and sweet and tell you about how brave I was to get a big ass tattoo to cover up the stupid one. I've only been talking about it for umpteen years. Plus, I slept a maximum of 4 hours last night and am having trouble forming coherent sentences. 

Oh, I'm in Amsterdam. I got here Wednesday for work. I have the jet lag. 

Behold the before and after photos. 


Can you even see where the before picture is hidden? I bet you can't. Thanks to the amazing Nick Oaks. I was so nervous when I went in on Saturday, I wanted to barf. He was super nice and calmed me down right quick. We chatted for the 2(ish) hours that I sat there for and I only took one mini break. Tough, eh? 

People keep asking if it hurts. Yes. Yes it does. Everything you've heard about tattoos is true. They hurt. Geez. 

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MommaKiss said...

Whoa, that's gorgeous! Your sister sent me this link - as I just had a small tat redone. Small ladybug {that looked like a strawberry} covered with a bigger ladybug. And apparently I'm allergic to red ink, cuz it's not healing very well.
Anyway - too funny about "Yes it hurts." Duh people - it's needles going into your skin! Worth it, though.